Is your pain related to a TMJ disorder?

Treatment for TMJ Headaches in New York City.

Do you experience recurring headaches?

Frequent undiagnosed headaches can often be the sign of an underlying bite problem or TMJ disorder. TMJ headaches can occur at any time but are more common in the morning and may cause pain in the jaw and temporal area. It is also possible for migraine headaches to be exacerbated by a TMJ related disorder.

Dr. Glenn Chiarello is a New York City dentist with advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ and what are commonly called TMJ headaches. Dr. Chiarello is able to provide a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of your bite in an effort to provide a personalized treatment plan and long term results. The key to effective treatment and stable dental health is identifying the imbalance, structural problem or malocclusion so that treatment will both resolve pain and provide a lasting outcome.

A bite that is functioning properly is comfortable, healthy and supports both oral and overall health and well being. If you are concerned that you have a TMJ disorder or experience frequent headaches schedule a visit in our New York City dentist office conveniently located in the Financial District.

Is my headache related to TMJ?

Headaches related to a TMJ disorder can be misdiagnosed as a tension headache or passed off as stress-related. TMJ headaches can have similar symptoms and occur when feeling stressed or tired. This is due to muscle tension in the jaw joints that is the result of teeth grinding, jaw clenching or a dental health-related concern such as malocclusion.

Dr. Chiarello works with patients on an individual basis to evaluate symptoms, the condition and fit of your bite and to create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Common signs that your headaches are related to a bite problem or TMJ can include:

  • Popping, clicking sounds in the jaw when chewing or even speaking
  • Teeth that appear worn, flat or are chipped or cracked
  • Ear pain or ringing in the ears
  • Stiffness in the neck or jaw

With proper diagnosis and effective treatment, Dr. Chiarello can help you to enjoy an improved quality of life with less discomfort.

Understanding TMJ Headaches

How does TMJ cause frequent headaches?

TMJ is the common term for a temporomandibular disorder (TMD), a problem related to the function of the jaw joints. There is a range of common causes but most lead to increased muscle tension in the jaw joints which in turn puts pressure on surrounding muscles, ligaments and tissue. The result is often a headache that can radiate from the temples or lower skull, ear pain or fullness and even shoulder tension.

How is TMJ diagnosed?

Dr. Chiarello has advanced training in the comprehensive diagnosis of a TMJ disorder. He evaluates the function and fit of the bite, looking for signs of excessive tooth wear, malocclusion and dysfunction in the jaw joints. Advanced technology including the Tek Scan and Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) enhance our exam and treatment planning.

Where does a TMJ headache hurt?

Headaches related to a TMJ disorder are often around the temples and jaw joints. Pain can also radiate to the ears, behind the eyes, neck, and shoulders. Migraines can more pronounced or frequent in patients who also have TMJ or grind their teeth.

Meet Glenn J. Chiarello, DDS, FAGD

TMJ Dentist in New York, NY

Dr. Glenn Chiarello is a New York City dentist with advanced training and experience diagnosing and treatment TMJ and complex bite problems. He offers relief from the discomfort of TMJ headaches using the latest techniques to address the root cause of a bite problem. His caring, consultative approach helps anxious and fearful patients feel relaxed and can help you to achieve optimal oral health.

Dr. Chiarello has taken hours of post-graduate training with leading institutions in dentistry including SPEAR Education and is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. He brings a comprehensive knowledge of the occlusal system and advanced technology to the analysis of your oral health. The goal of your treatment plan is to address all aspects of a bite problem from discomfort to aesthetics.

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