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Do you experience frequent headaches or have an uncomfortable bite?

Do you experience frequent headaches, a popping or clicking jaw or have an uncomfortable bite?

A temporomandibular disorder (TMD), commonly called TMJ could be the cause of your symptoms and discomfort. The right treatment can resolve your pain, restore a functional bite and support the long term health of your smile. An experienced dentist in New York City, Dr. Glenn Chiarello is highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ and bite problems, working with patients on an individual basis to address symptoms and identify the underlying cause for a lasting result.

Dr. Chiarello uses advanced technology to analyze your bite and determine where there is instability or damage within the jaw joints.  Through Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA), TekScan and CBCT scanning as needed Dr. Chiarello can evaluate where there is muscle tension or undue stress when biting. He provides a range of personalized treatment options from the conservative to the advanced, depending on your unique needs and the condition of your teeth.

A comfortable smile is a beautiful smile. If you are concerned that you have a bite disorder or have been diagnosed with TMJ and would like to explore the latest treatment options schedule a visit to our financial district dentist office.

The Common Signs of a TMJ Disorder

A TMJ disorder can have a wide range of symptoms and some patients may not realize that is the underlying cause of their chronic pain or discomfort when chewing. Over time a bite problem such as TMJ can lead to tooth damage, an increased risk for tooth loss and a deteriorating quality of life.

Dr. Chiarello takes a comprehensive approach to evaluate your needs, the condition of your smile and to create a personalized treatment plan. Your end result will restore stability and comfort to your smile and can also address any damage for improved aesthetics. Common signs of TMJ can include:

Are you ready to restore health, comfort, and beauty to your smile? Dr. Chiarello can offer the advanced dentistry you need to address your uncomfortable or uneven bite with long term results- not just short term treatment to alleviate common symptoms.

Do I Have TMJ? Understanding the symptoms

Treatment for TMJ: What are the options?

TMJ Therapy: Treatment Options in NYC

Mouthguards for TMJ

Mouthguards for TMJ

Dr. Chiarello may recommend the use of a custom mouthguard or nightguard to stop teeth grinding, a common symptom of TMJ. A mouthguard is often the first step in the treatment of TMJ and may be combined with additional dental treatments to fully resolve your bite problem and provide long term stability. For mild cases, it may be all that is needed to address your concerns.

A custom mouthguard will be created from your own dental impressions and is worn nightly or during times of stress to prevent teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Bite Equilibration

Bite Equilibration

TMJ is often caused by or can lead to, an imbalance in the function of your bite. Teeth grinding, jaw clenching and malocclusion can lead to tension in the jaw joints. Over time the joints can become damaged if left untreated.

Dr. Chiarello evaluates the function of the bite using Tech Scan for an in-depth understanding of where there is an imbalance or increased pressure. He may use restorative dental treatments to realign the fit of the bite and to repair teeth that are worn or chipped due to teeth grinding. Using a range of treatment options from teeth bonding to dental crowns, we can stabilize the function of the bite and give you back a beautiful, comfortable smile.



If malocclusion is identified as the underlying cause of your bite problem orthodontics may be the recommended treatment to restore dental health and wellness. Orthodontic treatment will straighten the teeth, repositioning them for proper contact when biting. This will reduce muscle tension in the jaw joints and the risk of tooth wear and damage.

Dr. Chiarello can evaluate your tooth position and the forces placed on the teeth when biting as part of your comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan.

Tekscan BioJVA

Meet Glenn J. Chiarello, DDS, FAGD

New York, NY Dentist

Dr. Glenn Chiarello is a New York City dentist with advanced training and experience diagnosing and treatment TMJ and complex bite problems. He offers patients who have been experiencing the discomfort and effects of a bite disorder consultative, comprehensive care. Our Financial District dentist office offers a state of the art dental care experience, delivered in a caring manner.

Dr. Chiarello has taken hours of post-graduate training with leading institutions in dentistry including SPEAR Education and is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. He brings a comprehensive knowledge of the occlusal system and advanced technology to the analysis of your oral health. The goal of your treatment plan is to address all aspects of a bite problem from discomfort to aesthetics.

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Does Dr. Chiarello Accept Dental Insurance?

Our office will gladly file your dental insurance claim at the time of your visit. We also accept most major credit cards.

Do you work with anxious patients?

Dr. Chiarello and our dental care team strive to provide a relaxing, caring environment. We offer Nitrous Oxide for anxious and fearful patients to help you receive the care you need.

Does Dr. Chiarello place dental implants?

Yes, Dr. Chiarello offers the convenience of complete services for dental implants under one roof. We can replace your missing teeth with experienced care and great results.