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Candid Pro Clear Aligners New York, NY

candid pro clear aligners nycAre crooked teeth affecting the health and comfort of your smile? Are you looking for a new alternative to traditional braces?

Dr. Glenn Chiarello is a Candid Pro provider in Manhattan and often recommends the use of clear aligners to address bite problems as well as cosmetic concerns related to crooked teeth. What could treatment with Candid Pro do for your smile?

Candid Pro clear aligners can offer a new, convenient and expedient way to straighten your teeth and improve the health of your bite. A unique orthodontic system, Candid Pro combines both at-home and in-office dental care for an exceptional outcome that is monitored from start to finish by Dr. Chiarello. Candid Pro clear aligners fit snugly over the teeth and are completely invisible when in place. The plastic material is comfortable and will not irritate your gums. Using advanced digital technology and monitoring, most patients can complete their orthodontic treatment with Candid Pro in less than a year.

Candid Pro Clear Aligners: how do they work?

Candid Pro clear aligners are customized to the needs of each individual patient using digital scanning and CAD/CAM technology. Over a period of several months to a year, your aligners will gently reposition your teeth based on the treatment plan designed by Dr. Chiarello and monitored by the Candid Pro team remotely using a smartphone app and a unique attachment called a ScanBox that is able to take digital scans of your teeth from your phone. This is done every 14 days for an ongoing evaluation of your progress that is also sent to Dr. Chiarello. This enables Dr. Chiarello to request an office visit if adjustments are needed to ensure a predictable and successful result.

candid pro clear aligners manhattan ny

Why Straighten My Teeth?

Teeth that are properly aligned are more stable, protected from damage, and support a functional and comfortable bite. Malocclusion can allow undue forces to wear down and damage teeth over time. Patients with malocclusion are often more likely to grind their teeth or clench their jaw, increasing the likelihood of tooth damage and TMJ dysfunction.

Dr. Chiarello has advanced training and years of experience treating patients with TMJ disorders. He often recommends orthodontics to straighten teeth as part of an overall treatment plan to resolve the symptoms and effects of TMJ.

Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss effectively, reducing the risk of common dental concerns. A healthy smile is important for many reasons including the enjoyment of overall good health and wellness.

If you have received orthodontic treatment as a young person and are now noticing that your teeth are shifting, Candid Pro may be the perfect solution for realigning your teeth and keeping your bite healthy. Orthodontic relapse is a common occurrence in adults who have had braces and can lead to new dental problems down the road.

Candid Pro FAQs

Am I a candidate for using Candid Pro to straighten my teeth?

Dr. Chiarello will evaluate your orthodontic needs and make the appropriate treatment recommendation for you. Candid Pro is ideal for mild to moderate orthodontic concerns and malocclusion.

How often will I visit the dentist with Candid Pro?

Candid Pro is a hybrid orthodontic treatment, combining an at-home clear aligner system with the oversight of an experienced dentist like Dr. Chiarello. After your initial visit, you will typically only come back if there are concerns about progress and adjustments are needed.